Oosaki Nana (vicious_lover) wrote in strawberry__rpg,
Oosaki Nana

Room 707!!

Setting: Room 707, early morning to noon
Invites: Yasu, Nana, Shouji (or we don't have one yet? Or Kyosuke), and Junko

Nana was eager to move in, especially since she didn't have that much stuff to bring from the motel to the room. She went up to the front desk and got her keys from a guy who was seriously looking at her eyeliner and ripped clothes and most likely deciding whether or not she was just some vandal. Of course, the answer to that and most other delinquint-related questions is always, "Yes."

She carried her meager bags and her guitar up the several flights of stairs until she reached it, room 707. Her new home. The keys were slightly rusty, and it seemed to be a good idea to make copies of them in case they totally fell apart, but it didn't matter. Nana was home at last in the heart of Tokyo, where she belonged. Marching in, she felt a slight draft from a window she might have left open in her excitement the previous day. Nana dropped her bags near the corner of the room and walked to the little cove near the window, breathing as deeply as she could. There wouldn't be much time until the room would be flooded with the other Nana's...enthusiasm.

She had called Yasu the night before and was hoping he was able to get a fast train here to be her cosigner when right at that moment, the shiny-bald-prince himself knocked on the door. She opened it with a huge grin.

"Yasu, Hey!!"
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